Real Hope and Change

Since the pilgrims first began settling America, people have come here seeking hope and change. Hope for a better life and change from the authoritarian societies they were trying to escape from. What has always given America something special over other countries has been the freedom of the individual to both determine their own dreams and to pursue those dreams.hope and change

Individualism has been Americas’ strength for a very important reason. It is the natural condition of man. A man must first take care of himself in order to be able to care for others. Communities our formed of individuals reaching outward. It is the individual who makes each decision that leads to an individual behavior that produces an outcome. This is the foundation of our country, it is why the Bill of Rights was added to our constitution, and it is the basis of entrepreneurship.

The individualism in our history has not always been based on all men being equal. In the early days of our country we wiped out the native Indians to take the land, and we enslaved blacks to cultivate the land. These are dark parts of countries history, so we changed and corrected our path. We have come to a place in history where all men are treated as equal, or so we thought when a black man was elected president.

Now the hope and change that MLK died for has taken on a new definition. I thought his hope was for all men to be judged by the content of their character, and that all men would have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. To me this has always been a message of hope for the individual.

However, the message now appears to be one of equal outcomes, and that is not an ideology based on individualism, it is based on collectivism. One group (anyone with money) is now blamed for and responsible for the outcome of the other group (anyone without money), the redistribution of wealth without any regard at all as to who did the work to earn it. This class warfare is a change back to the very system that immigrants from all over the world have come to this country to escape from since its founding.

There is another change that has taken place, racism has been brought back to life through the media and our first black president. We were winning the battle against the inherited racism of our forefathers enough to make it possible for a black man to do anything or be anything he worked hard for, even the Presidency of the United States. You would think this would be the final nail in the coffin of racism but instead now everyone that doesn’t agree with this president is called racist. Instead of more freedom, our first black president and his cohorts in the media have done their best to take away freedom and divide this country once again down racial lines. MLK’s dream has become a PC nightmare.

Is this the kind of hope and change we had in mind? What is the underlying hope or desired outcome of this change, revenge?

Our current government is not solely to blame for our current state, although the amount of damage done over the past 5 years is mind-boggling, our government has been corrupt with a progressive collectivist agenda for a long time. The government has become a self-perpetuating monster that looks out for its own best interest, and passes laws that will help it gain more control.

Public Servant: The idea of a individual having reached a level of success and achievement in their chosen profession, who then decides to run for public office because they feel they have something of value to offer and they have the desire to be of service to the community.

We lost this concept a long time ago, now we have people who run for public office as a career choice, and if they can talk a good game, get the right backers and spend enough money, it does become a career with lifetime benefits attached.

These are huge issues and it is difficult to find a way for some real change, however I know we have to do something. One of my favorite radio guys is Mark Levin and he has put together a plan in his book “The Liberty Amendments”, which I believe gives us some options.

In his book, Mark talks about the provision in the constitution which gives the states the ability to call a states convention, purpose amendments to the constitution, then take any purposed amendments to the state legislatures for a vote, and with a supermajority (60%) voting in favor, the amendment would become legal. And last week representatives from 32 states got together to begin the process to do just that. One of the amendments discussed, which would stop the “career politician”, is term limits.

Mark outlines many other changes such as limiting government spending and taxation and limiting federal bureaucracy. It’s a good book with some great ideas for real hope and change, click here for a full review.


Hope – A belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.

Our hope is NOT based on our reliance on people in authority telling us what our dreams should be and how we should pursue them, it is based on our reliance on the principles of God to guide our steps to find the right path to realize our dreams.

Our hope does NOT come from government entitlement programs, it comes from our own hard work, merit and perseverance in pursuing our dreams.

Change – The process of becoming different.

Real change would be a return to the principles of God by turning away from the moral corruptions of our society such as: murdering our own children; devaluing the sanctity of the family; rewarding bad behavior and punishing common sense, truth and merit; turning away from a belief that it is somehow OK for our government to steal money from its citizens; by turning away from a public system that is broken to form a better, more efficient system.

Real change would be turning towards the independent freedom-loving entrepreneurship that has always been the bedrock of our success; turning towards common sense; and turning towards liberty and the pursuit of happiness established on the principle, “as long as you don’t break my leg or pick my pocket, you are free to pursue your dreams, your religion, your opinion and you deserve the freedom to do that”.

It’s time for some real Hope and Change!




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